Rsi forex strategy


rsi forex strategy

RSI with Period 2 placed on RSI with Period 12 To setup rsi simply place the rsi 12 on your chart normally then drag the rsi again forex place it on top of the strategy 12 and enter the rsi of two. This works in MT4 platforms. Hence i need experts like you to look into it and make recomendations, with refrence to how i can filter the fakeouts. Sometimes the rsi cross would occur but before the candle formation finishes the cross would dissapaer. Because you will see a lot of whipsaw and when rsi short RSI closes across the long RSI you would strategy missed a lot of good moves. You need to add default fisher. If you are trading the 60min for example: When fisher is green BUY strategy for 2 RSI to forex below the 12 and the fisher still BUY in 1hr and 4hr then look for BUY entry. I trade one BUY per one set of 1hr green fisher. The chart below shows example of 2 BUYs forex 1 SELL. About Privacy Policy Sitemap VAT This website uses cookies. Cookies improve rsi user experience and help make this website better. rsi forex strategy

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