Forex 15 min chart strategy


forex 15 min chart strategy

The first work of your trading day will be to draw on each graph and for each pair: First from 4H time frame, then on 1H time frame, and finally on 15 min time frame. When a 15 min candlestick closes above or under a trend forex, support or resistance, we have a signal to go long or short. WE CAN OPEN A POSITION! This is the most important part of min trading technique! Most of the traders think of how many pips they want to win per trade, per month or per year. But we will think of how much chart of our capital we want to win per trade, per month or per year. A- You should define the maximum percentage of your capital you are ready to risk to open a position. It could be 2, 3, 4,. In general a stop should be above or under the last low or high depends if you are long or short. Always include the spread strategy the setting of your stop. D- Why K1 and K2? As much as you can! A- you will set a profit target at the same distance as your stop. This technique is very subjective in the sense that, for different traders, support, resistance and trend lines will not be seen at the same place. Sometimes a signal should not be taken: This trading is good. I am totally agree with you, you must feel free when trading your system. So my advice is: This is the secret to control your emotions. But to succeed in forex, chart need to trust yourself. Once you get enough trust increase your risk chart. Good work Oliver,keep it up! Do we continue redrawing the trendlines as the trade progresses or is it just a one off affair. Solid foundations to a strategy! The last bar close under the supportBUT this support is not anymore valid strategy of the bar just before which came under the support but close above. THIS IS Forex A TRUE BREAKOUT! To enter a position the close of the bar should be the lowest under the support. It is 6 45 am Paris timejust woke up, and my first work is to draw trend line. So I decide that today, I will enter a position in EUR USD if a bar close under the red trend line. It will to risky to sell if a bar close under the black trend line min we are too close from the strongest red trend line, and the chances to have a rebound on it are high. So here we have a signal to sell. At this price I will rebuy the half of my position, and set a new stop for the remaining position at my entry price, 1, Active traders Poll - share your live experience or read what others have to say. Forum What is Forex? FXCM App Store Forex stop EAs MT4 Forex Scalping Tips and Facts Forex Brokers Scalping systems Forex systems with MT4 custom indicators Systems in development Create own Forex system Forex Trading Tips Forex indicators Forex Polls - results FSR Forex Forum. Who's online There are currently 11 users online. Submitted by User on April 11, - Submitted by Olivier Traded pair: Now we are ready to trade and we just have to wait for the signal on our screen! But how much should I risk or expect on this trade?? Now you wonder how much will be your profit? If you have any questions about it, please, feel free to ask me. I think if your capital is. Good work Oliver,keep it. Also i would appreciate you throw more light as regards the stop loss and take profit issue. Min foundations to a. Thanks everybody for you. Thanks everybody for you interests in this technique! Henry, once you have your drawings from the morning, you just wait for the signal. Look at this graph: Then I go to my 15 min Chart and draw another trend line in black this time. So this strategy went well, half of my position was sold at 1, and I set a new stop at 1, Every time I make a new high, I move my stop just above. DailyFX Dukascopy Saxobank InstaForex FSR Forum. Free e-books Currency Index Forex bonus Video course. How To Double The Account In 1 Day? Home Advanced system 15 THE SWING 15 min TECH Submitted by User on April 11, - DailyFX Dukascopy Saxobank InstaForex. forex 15 min chart strategy

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