Indicateur forex volume


indicateur forex volume

Forex connection with that, the rise in prices is connected to increase in volumes; Volume will usually change in a direction of ascending trend. The Positive Volume Index volume Norman Fosback acts as his Negative Volume Index. Volume both help identifying bull and bear markets. If the volume of the current period is less than volume of the previous period, the value volume PVI of the current period is set equal to the value of Forex for the indicateur period:. In interpretation of PVI it is indicateur the following explanation. In days of revival of a indicateur exchange when the volume grows, it means that investors "who are indicateur aware" are acting, who the follows the influence of a crowd. On the contrary, on days when the volume is reduced in the market, professionals work and make true money smart money. Thus, the indicateur of values PVI shows working of nonprofessional investors of in the market. Therefore, Positive Volume Index assumes that forex, who are not aware of the situation, trade on active days. The PVI pays attention to the days where the volume increased from forex last day. The premise being that the "crowd" takes positions on days when volume grows. Still it is important to remember that the PVI is not a contrarian indicator. Even though the PVI should demonstrate what the not-so-smart-money is doing, it is however moving in the same direction as prices are. Forex Brokers Reviews Forex Charts Forex Rates Bank holidays Codes of currencies Currencies' symbols Forex Calendar Technical Indicators Economic indicators FAQ Glossary of terms Trading examples.

Volume indicator in Forex

Volume indicator in Forex indicateur forex volume

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